Initially a brand of unique home coffee pots, then a wide brand that includes appliances, coffee capsules and a series of outlets. But Bialetti's investments were not successful and now the company is in dire straits.... 20 hours ago
La cucina italiana nel mondo? Tra le molte insegne che espongono il tricolore alcune portano oltreconfine sapori autentici. Sono quelle che raccontiamo nella nostra guida Top Italian Restaurants... 30 October
Tired of pancakes? Try Russian blinis. Today we will tell you the story of Russian breakfast specialties, and tips to make it at home.... 26 October
Among tropical fruit and old-fashioned recipes, eating in South America is one of the most interesting experiences for gourmands. Today we discover Ecuadorian cuisine, through 3 typical breakfast recipes... 25 October
The life of an expat can sometimes pose challenges when trying to maintain traditions in countries that are not our own. How to host a traditional Thanksgiving dinner in Rome? Easy!... 22 October
Ever heard about allievo? It's an Italian word which refers to baby calamari. Here's a good recipe with allievo and almond to try at home.... 19 October
As scarves are pulled from closets and we return to wearing socks after a summer of sandals, the menu also changes. In Italy, seasonality is carefully followed at the market and at the table.... 18 October
From Montecristo to Pianosa, from Giannutri to Elba: vacation amid nature and the sea, out of the way but just around the corner. Our journey in the Tuscan archipelago.... 16 October
Clear, fresh and bitter: tonic water. Here is a ranking of the top 16 best tonic water brands.... 15 October
In the Regional Park of the Boschi di Carrega, Montecoppe farm represents the heart of Parmigiano Reggiano PDO. Here is the story.... 12 October
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