In the Regional Park of the Boschi di Carrega, Montecoppe farm represents the heart of Parmigiano Reggiano PDO. Here is the story.... 12 October
There is no exact number: Italy churns, melts, pulls, stretches and ripens milk into virtually thousands of different products. Let’s start with a list of the country’s most prominent products.... 22 November 2017
Biodiversità, sostenibilità, attenzione per il territorio, rispetto per gli animali. Ecco di cosa si è parlato a Cheese 2017, manifestazione dei formaggi conclusasi oggi a Bra, in provincia di Cuneo.... 18 September 2017
La celebre manifestazione piemontese dedicata ai latticini compie 20 anni, e per l'occasione ha in serbo un programma speciale. Ecco chi e cosa ci sarà a Cheese 2017.... 08 September 2017
On the San Martino di Castrozza plateau, the light is brilliant, the pristine air intoxicating. This paradise is the symbol of a territory in which sustainability is a tangible and concrete concept. At the table, too.... 04 June 2017
Love savoury foods? At Easter time you won’t necessarily have to stuff your face with chocolate and pastiera, rather choose among a selection of savoury specialties.... 03 April 2017
Italian cheese is loved worldwide. What are the most love types and in what countries? Assolatte has mapped the international taste in regards to Italian dairy... 16 March 2017
On this last day of Carnevale, let’s celebrate in Acireale, Sciacca, Termini Imerese and Novara di Sicilia, each featuring local specialties.... 28 February 2017
High altitude farmstead cheese, wild herbs, speck and fine dining: the best places in Val di Fiemme include natural parks and hilltop villages... 29 July 2016
Fava beans and Pecorino Romano is an Italian traditional spring time snack. But even on its own, Pecorino Romano is a great cheese to enjoy every month of the year. Here are some tips on finding the best cheese for your picnic.... 03 May 2016
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