In September, with the second edition of Food Zürich, the Swiss capital will show off its tastier side. Here’s an itinerary to help find the best eating all year long.... 15 July 2017
For the first time in Italy, Barry Callebaut will open a chocolate, confectionary and pastry school, based on the consolidated Chocolate Academy Centre model. The Director will be Davide Comaschi... 26 June 2017
Davide Palluda is one of the top chefs in Roero, Piedmont. Here's one of his recipes for a tasty chocolate dessert, with a contemporary slant.... 26 February 2017
Squadra che vince non si cambia, così ancora una volta cibo, moda e design vanno a braccetto in occasione di Taste. In viaggio con le diversità del gusto, dal 9 all'11 marzo a Firenze.

... 01 January 2011

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