Waiting for Vini d'Italia 2019. In the meanwhile, here are the results from Sicily.... 23 October
An old 1930s train, the legendary "centoporte", traveling through the Sicilian landscape discovering typical products and recipes. The journey of the "historical trains of taste" begins... 02 August
As temperatures rise there is nothing better than a fine granita or a sorbet to cool off in the hottest hours. But do you know about grattachecca and cremolata? All the differences explained.... 05 July
Our Berebene guide to good, inexpensive wines has always given generous space to Sicilian labels. Here are all the products with the best quality/price ratio.... 01 February
Planning a trip to Palermo? The city's been doing its best to show its brigther side, becoming an ideal destination for a summer trip. Here is our culinary itinerary.... 24 July 2017
Faccia di vecchia, scaccia, sfigghiulata, vastedda col sambuco: typical Sicilian focaccias. Here are 7 and a bonus sfincione recipe of Osteria Ballarò in Palermo... 06 July 2017
Olive oils hailing from all over the world are in show in Palermo, at international olive oil competition Domina IOOC. Here are the winners of the second edition.... 09 May 2017
For our next instalment of pasta makers in Italy here is our shortlist of the best pasta makers in town.... 25 April 2017
On this last day of Carnevale, let’s celebrate in Acireale, Sciacca, Termini Imerese and Novara di Sicilia, each featuring local specialties.... 28 February 2017
Ancient recipes, a summary of the many cultures that have inhabited the island over the course of many generations. For the glossary series of Italy’s regional riches we now explore the delights of Sicily.... 10 November 2016
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