Initially a brand of unique home coffee pots, then a wide brand that includes appliances, coffee capsules and a series of outlets. But Bialetti's investments were not successful and now the company is in dire straits.... 14 November
"Coffee made with a moka pot is unbeatable". We have repeated this for years, but are we really sure to make coffee with a moka pot well well? The rules for a perfect cup.... 04 October
7 burners for 7 moka pots. The latest new opening in Milan, a coffee bar dedicated to coffee brewed with a moka pot. Here's the new Pascucci.... 01 August
If you are coffee lovers, a trip to London is a must. Here is a collection of our favourite places.... 04 June
All the places to eat well in the Brooklyn area that mixes production, dining, food start-ups, innovation and creativity.... 22 May
Harrods is about to become a real food spot. Here's what it will look like in 2019.... 12 December 2017
Bellissimo is a design studio whose projects range from graphics to packaging for food products. One of their latest projects is the logo design for Open Coffee by Lavazza.... 09 November 2017
The number one Copenhagen roaster is Coffee Collective and it represents a modern and daring business model. This is the whole story.... 29 September 2017
The ultimate Starbucks branch opened on 30 June 2017 in Japan, and it's already started to become popular. Here's the whole story.... 03 September 2017
Starbucks in Milan? Why not? The opinionated remarks of the leading coffee scene are recorded in a 40-minute documentary... 14 June 2017
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