The European Union has made a choice: all the plastic products will be eliminated from supermarkets by the end of 2030. Meanwhile, Amsterdam presents the first plastic-free market.... 30 March
Prickly pears represent a precious resource for our health as well as the Earth’s. Here’s how FAO wants to fight droughts with this amazing plant... 16 January
One is in Guatemala, the other in Slovenia: Rodrigo Tot and Uros Macerl both love agriculture and fight every day to defend it. This is why they won the Goldman Prize 2017.... 31 May 2017
Swordfish is at risk, but from 2017 there could be some distribution shares for European countries. The EU takes initiative and makes a proposal.... 23 December 2016
Want to enjoy a wildlife vacation? To help you choose rural destinations there’s a brand new eco-sustainable venture called Spiga Verde.... 23 November 2016
Eco-friendly cling film that’s 100% edible, this just in from American Chemical Society... 31 August 2016

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