It had been announced via Le Figaro at the end of last summer; now the project is actually materialized. Since last March 15th, Paris too has had its own Refettorio by Chef Massimo Bottura.... 12 April
C'è chi ci andava per i carciofi alla giudia e chi per il pesce, chi per le palline di ricotta e chi per il filetto di baccalà. Ma tutti, proprio tutti, da Paris hanno lasciato un pezzetto di cuore.... 31 January
Pierre Gagnaire has been one of his first teachers. After receiving many special awrds, Garfagnini is back in Paris, together with Gagnaire, to open a new original Italian restaurant.... 27 July 2017
Contemporary Italian cucina: straightforward, inspired, elegant. Giovanni Passerini is unique among the Italian chefs abroud. Here is how he bewitched Paris with his dishes.... 23 July 2017
Saint Lazare, Gare du Nord, Montparnasse: the struggle to restore the glamour of the busiest railroad stations in Paris starts from the restaurants.... 29 April 2017
Neapolitan or gourmet? Gennaro Nasti doesn’t like being labeled, what’s important is that his pizza be awe inspiring and speaking of great ingredients. In Paris at the helm of Popine, with plans to double his offer with Bijou... 24 October 2016
In the days between October 14th and 26th, 19 French train stations will host small farm stands, cooking shows, tastings and workshops. In 8 of these also the roadshows of French cuisine star chefs... 17 October 2016
His name is Denny Imbroisi and people in Paris are going crazy for his carbonara. Young and talented, Denny shows promise as a chef.... 19 June 2016
Sono lontani i tempi in cui, appena trentatreenne, si aggiudicava con il “Louis XV di Montecarlo le sue prime tre stelle Michelin. Era il 1987, l’enogastronomia cominciava a uscire dagli spazi angusti delle cucine e gli chef non erano a... 01 January 2011

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