After the Fulham food hall, a new gastronomic market is preparing to open its doors in London Victoria. Waiting for the project at Oxford Circus...... 21 September
Italian pizza master Franco Pepe is worldwide known for his delicious and perfect doughs. Now, it's time to bring his special pizza to Hong Kong.... 20 September
Dining in Berlin could be an unforgettable experience. For Italian food fans, here is a list of the top restaurants.... 19 September
Angelo Sabatelli is a great Italian chef from Apulia. Here is his story.... 19 September
Looking for a tasty recipe with mussels? Here is a classic and delicious Apulian dish made with rice, potatoes and mussels.... 17 September
Summer is gelato time. Here is the story of Polosud, and Italian artisan gelateria and Sicilian coffee shop due to open soon in Little Italy, New York.... 14 September
The Polish chef Wojciech Modest Amaro plays an important role in Polish food scene: he is an explorer and re-discoverer of Polish cuisine. Here's his story.... 03 September
Let's talk in-flight dining? Big airlines are looking for new solutions to improve the service. Emirates launches the ambitious project of the world's largest vertical farm, Lufthansa offers a very special experience: eating like an astronaut... 29 August
After Macao and New Zealand, the Iaccarino family lands in Canada, where at the end of June the new restaurant opened in partnership with Nick Di Donato of Liberty Entertainment Group.... 03 August
An old 1930s train, the legendary "centoporte", traveling through the Sicilian landscape discovering typical products and recipes. The journey of the "historical trains of taste" begins... 02 August

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