In the home of fast food, Slow Food USA is promoting what is, firstly, a cultural revolution.... 29 September 2016
Eating in or out? Here are some original and creative designs for the house and the kitchen for those who love both outdoors and indoor dining.... 28 September 2016
First installment of a new series on regional specialties of Italy: discovering typical products and recipes that outline the alimentary profile of Puglia... 27 September 2016
Visit at the Maison of the celebrated bottle decorated with anemones for a 5-Champagne tasting... 26 September 2016
Hip, unconventional and retro: dining in Rome’s working class suburbs means getting a lot more than cacio e pepe. Here are 16 of our favorite places.... 23 September 2016
After the great lakes, we now explore the minor lakes of Italy. Today we bring you to Lake Massaciuccoli in the Versilia area of Tuscany. A place for outdoor sports and delicious local fare.... 22 September 2016
According to studies presented by Italian Farmers Confederation at SANA in Bologna, 75% of consumers is under the age of 50. Youth makes up for the organic production compartment.... 21 September 2016
First numbers by Uiv-Ismea wine observatory: 48.5 million hectolitres are due for production. In the largest wine areas Veneto, Emilia-Romagna and Puglia are on the rise; Sicily sees a decrease... 20 September 2016
One of the world’s most solid experts in sensorial analysis has passed away, after a lifetime of tasting foods, organizing courses and events to promote and spread the concept of quality. In remembrance of Raul Castellani, humble maestro and example.... 19 September 2016
If you love Prosecco but you don't know which label to choose, check out this top 10 list by our wine experts... 17 September 2016
This summer was all about finding good food, fine tables and local tourism. According to a survey conducted by TheFork, online booking and traditional cuisine won the gold.... 16 September 2016
For art lovers this is an opportunity to discover a new painting technique. For coffee aficionados, a chance to try different extraction methods.... 15 September 2016
Hanging onto summer with seafood dishes by chefs Angelo Sabatelli, Stefano Deidda and Pino Cuttaia... 14 September 2016
How can we help those affected by the recent earthquake? Here are the first solidarity and aid initiatives promoted by the food and dining world.... 13 September 2016
Consumption of junk food and obesity are in constant growth. France says no and adds new taxes on junk food with a 20% increase.... 12 September 2016
Italians love eating and drinking well. But how much do they spend each year for food and beverage? Eurostat analyses the prices of food in EU and Italy is among the top 10 most expensive countries.... 11 September 2016
Are you looking for a great bottle of wine but you don't know which one to choose? Try this spumante from Campania. Its name means 'crazy', its taste? Simply unique.... 10 September 2016
Bad airplane food? Fortunately there are exceptions and a British blog offers an online guide for travelers who won’t give up on the good stuff while flying.... 09 September 2016

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