Cucina italiana is living a golden moment everywhere, with a multitude of top quality places that visibly shifted gear.... 17 December 2016
To understand the world of Moscato and Asti, you must immerse yourself in the territory where it’s made.... 16 December 2016
If you find yourself in the Brescia area, do consider making a detour to the town of Montichiari to meet one of Italy’s most talented bakers, a newcomer to the sweet confectionary art: Maurizio Colenghi... 13 December 2016
We’re closer to the end of the year, with the grape harvest almost completely archived and excellent results all over the peninsula. Here are our previsions of 2016 Italian wine.... 09 December 2016
The Michelin guide has generously rated Tokyo restaurants for the past 10 years. This should come as no surprise, since the Japanese city is one of the world’s most interesting dining destinations.... 06 December 2016
Zak Stern studied bread making in Italy before opening a successful business in Miami. But the young baker won’t stop at that.... 05 December 2016
Is taking palm oil out of processed foods really the answer? Like many things in life, truth lies in the middle. In the meantime, markets go with the latest trend.... 02 December 2016
Splendid snow-capped peaks, art and culture. All this and more is in Cortina d’Ampezzo, the queen of the Dolomites. A guide to typical dishes and best places to dine.... 30 November 2016
How is a dessert created? How do you narrate the story of a cake? We asked Walter Musco, Roman pastry chef who for the first time was bestowed the Tre Torte achievement award on our Pasticceri e Pasticcerie d'Italia guide.... 29 November 2016
Fusilli, pecorino, liver sausage, centofoglie: products belonging a small Italian region with big culinary tradition. For the glossary series of Italy’s regional riches here is an alphabetical primer of Molise foods.... 28 November 2016
According to Dillon Edwards of American roaster Parlor Coffee, the strength of Italian coffee bars is the ambiance. We visited his little place in Brooklyn.... 25 November 2016
Want to enjoy a wildlife vacation? To help you choose rural destinations there’s a brand new eco-sustainable venture called Spiga Verde.... 23 November 2016
“Lambrusco stands for Emilia’s culture. It embodies the values of its territory, its people and its food”, says Alberto Medici, the pioneer of a new concept of growing areas. The joy of Lambrusco.... 22 November 2016
Dining in or out? Here are some good examples of innovative and original chairs, tables and tools for your meals.... 20 November 2016
Love mushrooms and truffles? Then Soria, in the Castilla-León region of Spain is the place for you. After stunning nature hikes reward yourself with a dinner of local specialties.... 18 November 2016
Ever carefully observed all the operations that baristas perform to brew an espresso? Probably not. What follows is a mini guide illustrating all the necessary steps to making proper caffè.... 17 November 2016
At age 86 Venetian born Mirko Stocchetto passes away, with a brilliant career working behind the counter at Milan’s Bar Basso. Gentlemanly professional who invented more than one hundred cocktails... 16 November 2016
Lately in Piemonte, farms and vineyards have expanded but at the cost of truffle hunting areas. How can we save Italy’s most prized product? With sustainable travel.... 15 November 2016

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