At age 86 Venetian born Mirko Stocchetto passes away, with a brilliant career working behind the counter at Milan’s Bar Basso. Gentlemanly professional who invented more than one hundred cocktails... 16 November 2016
Lately in Piemonte, farms and vineyards have expanded but at the cost of truffle hunting areas. How can we save Italy’s most prized product? With sustainable travel.... 15 November 2016
Ancient recipes, a summary of the many cultures that have inhabited the island over the course of many generations. For the glossary series of Italy’s regional riches we now explore the delights of Sicily.... 10 November 2016
A real Italian wine bar in Bangkok, where visitors can enjoy premium bottles and taste truly traditional dishes. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to diVino, one of the trendiest places in Thailand.... 09 November 2016
Fourteen favorite dining destinations in the southern coastal suburbs of Rome... 08 November 2016
Looking to learn more about coffee? Read Standart, a specialized magazine on the international coffee scene... 04 November 2016
At world famous Basque restaurant Arzak, design is a key element, especially since it aims to improve the diner’s food experience. Here’s their latest invention... 03 November 2016
Croissants, shortcrust with pastry cream, zabaione or jam on toast? There is a new place for gluttons in Rome, it opens at dawn offering all manner of homemade pastries, coffee and more... 02 November 2016
First ever Worldwide Italian Cuisine Week presented in Rome. Food promotes Italy... 30 October 2016
After Michele, it’s now Berberé. Given upcoming openings, it looks like London will be an Italian pizza haven abroad.... 29 October 2016
After Amsterdam, London, Paris and Brussels UberEATS lands in Milan. Starting from October 26 Milan residents can order takeout with Uber. 100 affiliate restaurants and high demand for delivery personnel... 28 October 2016
Italian wine sector is a multi-faceted and rich panorama. For 30 years, we've tried to put together a complete photograph of this scenery, giving awards to the best wines of the country. Among the Tre Bicchieri ranking, this year there are 53 new labels.... 27 October 2016
How haute cuisine by chef Niko Romito has changed hospital meals.... 25 October 2016
Neapolitan or gourmet? Gennaro Nasti doesn’t like being labeled, what’s important is that his pizza be awe inspiring and speaking of great ingredients. In Paris at the helm of Popine, with plans to double his offer with Bijou... 24 October 2016
Cardboard is a versatile material with great potential. It makes an amazing building resource. Here are a few innovative and beautiful works made using only cardboard.... 23 October 2016
Have you ever tried Gineprina d'Olanda? It's one of the oldest Italian gin, based on a recipe dating back to 1897. Here's the story.... 22 October 2016
Turin sees yet another school cafeteria controversy. In the very stronghold of the court ratified right to home-packed meals comes Mayor Appendino’s opposition. The argument inflames Italy... 21 October 2016
Urban beekeeping is trending, but what is it exactly? UrBees brings beehives to the greater Italian cities, and in Turin it’s already producing 400 kg of honey... 20 October 2016

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