Rigò in London has opened only a few months ago. Piedmont-native chef Gonzalo Luzarraga however boasts excellent worldwide experience. He’s now taking London by storm... 21 November 2017
Dining ten feet under water in Europe, precisely in the small village of Båly, in Norway. Sneak peek at the submarine restaurant that’s due to open in 2019... 20 November 2017
Architect Leonardo De Carlo, designer of Reale, Casadonna, Spazio and many others... 10 November 2017
A little over a year ago we were welcoming the opening of Mercato Centrale in Rome’s Termini train station. Was the project a success? We asked Umberto Montano... 10 November 2017
Bellissimo is a design studio whose projects range from graphics to packaging for food products. One of their latest projects is the logo design for Open Coffee by Lavazza.... 09 November 2017
Steven Raichlen is a barbecue connoisseur in the US and beyond. Now the guru of grilling lands in Italy with a new TV show due to air on Gambero Rosso Channel... 08 November 2017
November 3rd, 1987 Gambero Rosso published the first Slow Food Manifesto. Only a few lines that would have soon changed the world. Now, after 30 years, we’re publishing it again.... 06 November 2017
We met Sandor Ellix Katz in Tuscany to talk about kombutcha, kefir, yogurt and many other fermented products. Here is what he told us.... 03 November 2017
Many chefs are using fermented products in their dishes. In this way, food becomes healthier and flavors are amplified. Even at home, grandmothers' methods are returning.... 27 October 2017
Since 1986, Vini d'Italia, the best selling Gambero Rosso's guide, rewards the top quality Italian wines. Here are the pictures from the latest edition's award ceremony.... 26 October 2017

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