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Trattoria Pizzeria da Ciro al Borgo

Average price ¥ 2,000  
Simply the best pizza in central Japan, from the expert hands of Kimiko Kotani, the first ever woman to be recognized by the VERACE PIZZA NAPOLETANA Association. The mother of four children, she, with the help of her husband “Ciro”, treats her customers just like family. The restaurant offers not only authentic pizza but other traditional Neapolitan dishes, many of them based on fresh seafood. The sea is only a three-minute walk away from this restaurant outside Osaka and the area is famous for octopus and squid. The menu is the same at lunch and dinner, and the wine list is simple but complete. The pizza transports you to Naples and the fresh fish can compete with that on the Amalfi Coast. A must-try in Japan.

Closing days: Always open
N. covered: 54

Year of rating: 2019