Asia on the rise, 5.9 billion for Italy, which still seems off balance on the EU market. World wine trade is increasing: here are the details.


World wine trade

New record in world wine trade. The €31 billion figure recorded in 2017 is certainly flattering for the industry, despite thetre being weaknesses and aspects still to be considered.In fact, ISTAT's definitive figure on foreign trade says that Italy, as widely expected and announced for months, closed 2017 at 5.9 billion euro, with a +6.2%.This allows it to once again exceed its record at the value of the previous year.


The Italian progression is not, however, among the best, considering that in the ranking of yields, as noted by an elaboration of Vinitaly-Nomisma Wine Monitor, Australia is first with +15.1% (for a 1.8 billions of euro counterbalance), followed by France (+9.9% at 9.1 billion euros), Spain (+6.5% at 2.8 billion euros), Chile (+6.3% at 1.8 billion) and then Italy (+6.2% at 5.9 billion euro).In particular, our sector shows a +13.6% thanks to sparkling wines (1.4 billion euros), which once again represented the driving force of world demand in 2017, the year in which still wines grew less (+4.4% at € 4.2 billion).


Among consuming countries, Asia is very well represented as well as the United States, reconfirmed as the main world market. Dominated by value is France which, thanks to a +14.3% (at 1.6 billion euro), has exceeded Italy (+3.6% at 1.4 billion euro).As for the Asian market, France is still growing: 27% of the global transalpine sales (2.45 billion euro) concern this continent, whereas Italy realizes only 7% of the export, for a consideration of 419 million euro.