Some trends, forecasts, and themes will torment us in the next few months. Analysts in the food sector have already begun writing about the future of restaurant life, tracing the guidelines for the year just beginning, 2018.

It will be a year, food analysts tell us, focused on fermentation, that ancient method of conserving foods. Such items as kimchi, kefir and miso will be on stage, but also the most common probiotics of our culture, such as garlic. Healing or prevention at the table also means reducing sugar, or at least substituting it with satisfactory alternatives present in nature, products that will certainly take hold on the healthy food market, such as roots with sweetening power, fruit and vegetables.

Vegan diets are more evident everywhere. Another trend will soon make itself felt - according to the BBC, 2018 will be the year for tea. It will gain on coffee, which in recent years has benefitted from the revolution in specialty coffees. Among ethnic cuisnes, Middle Eastern and Indian will make headway. The restaurant world that matters certainly has its eyes on RenéRedzepi, anxious to see what Noma 2.0 will reveal.