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Average Price:

€ 50

Reviewed in 2018

Oh, what a nice Italian-style bistro. Go for the tempting fixed menu proposed by Michele Farnesi, 29 years old, from Tuscany, with many important experiences in his belt, from Bottura to Passerini. Located in the 20th arrodissement, in the place that once housed the excellent Roseval. Michele's is a courageous cuisine whose flavours are well centred: gourmet dishes, precise and stimulating cooking techniques, interesting pairings, and a fine range of tasty combinations. Keep an eye on the stuffed pastas. We had some mouth-watering borage and sea urching ravioli with a perfectly balance of savoury, citrusy and iodate notes. Italy and France don't clash they rather playfully work together in these dishes. The wine offer too is rich in discoveries, even sold by the glass, at prices decidedly below the Parisian average. Italian dishes and roots are mixed with French influences and techniques, without ever losing the truly wonderful focus of identity. There is equal enthusiasm in the dishes as in the dining room, thanks to a young and easy-going staff. This is a beautiful discovery, with simply extraordinary value for money at lunch, with menus from ranging from 17 to 32 euro.