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Average Price:

kr 350

Reviewed in 2018

Despite the name, the place has nothing to do with Torino’s historic automobile maker. Its name stands for Fondazione Italiana Alimentare Totale, promising, since 2007, a complete and multi-faceted Italian experience. Divided in two, it has a trattoria in the front, with two large clocks on the wall, and a delightful wine bar in the back that offers cooked food all day long. Fiat’s strong point is a dangerous and seductive wine list with over 200 Italian labels, including about 30 wines by the glass. The technology of Coravin allows legendary wines to be ordered by the glass. There’s plenty to nibble along with substantial made-to-order pasta dishes. It’s a contemporary, functional formula, and wins the Contadi Castaldi Innovation Prize.


Open days: Always open