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$ 70

Reviewed in 2017

Like a gold-seeker in the middle of the 19th century, Fabio Trabocchi, from Osimo in the Ancona province of the Marche, sought his El Dorado. After studying with Gualtiero Marchesi, he bounced between London and New York before finding gold in Washington D.C. In homage to his home territory, he named his restaurant Fiola, which, in Marchigiano dialect means ‘daughter’. With extreme elegance, summa cum laude service, and a record-breaking wine list, Fabio Trabocchi serves authentic cucina. Many of his fixed price menus open with glamorous Kumamoto oysters paired with Sorrento IGP lemon granita and delicate caviar. The rich saline of the oysters blends with the refined savor of caviar, both cleansed by the granita. Next are tepid tortellini with ossobuco, pesto and sweetbreads, in which the delicate, typical flavor of the sweetbreads blends well with the savory pesto. The meal ends with a selection of desserts from different regions of Italy reinterpreted by the pastry chef. Among them is an unforgettable Sicilian pistachio soufflé tart. 


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