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د.إ 250

Reviewed in 2018

Luigia is a successful case study, with branches in Dubai, Fribourg, Geneva, Lausanne, Petit Saconnes and Nyon. Enrico Coppola’s format is very successful. The choice of ingredients is quasi-manic, which are strictly personally selected and self-imported. The pizzaioli and management are greatly invested in the business management, avant-garde technology controls each phase of the production. We're not sure if we prefer the pizza or the cuisine offer, with amazing traditional recipes like parmigiana or creamy and tasty spaghetti with clams. The pizza napoletana is exceptional: left to proof at least 48 hours, baked to perfection and topped by sublime ingredients in each bite. Take for example the margherita topped with fior di latte from Agerola. San Marzano or Piennolo tomatoes, super clean and fragrant olive oils, authentic buffalo mozzarella and a huge portfolio of gourmet pies: if you love pizza, you'll love Luigia. The well-stocked wine list features both big labels such as Sassicaia as well as small winemakers, and a nice selection available by the glass. Highly recommended. 2018 Dubai's Best Pizzeria.


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