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Mori Venice Bar

Mori Venice Bar

Fine Dining

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€ 120

Reviewed in 2017

Opulent, fashionable and with a classy clientèle, Mori is Maurizio Mori's signature restaurant (the other is Emporio Armani Caffè). Philippe Starck designed the luxurious, rather Baroque interior. The dishes evoke Venice (and not only Venice), including cichetti with aperitifs, veal tonné, musky octopus, bigoli whole wheat pasta, risottos. Then Venice-style liver, squid in their ink and so on. Fried food is Mori's forte. We highly suggest the Belfritto which is a fantastic and crispy journey.

Asparagus has a menu all of its own and there's also room for truffles and Caviar de Venise. Excellent Italian wine selection to drink by the bottle or the glass. 


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