Top Italian Restaurants in Bruxelles

Oct. 20 2017, 06:53 pm

Italian restaurants in Brussels have shifted gear. Finally, they are freeing themselves from melancholy offerings of classic dishes and wines, moving towards more innovative menus with regional dishes, expertly-run pizzerias and fine-dining locales ready to defy clichés.


La Bottega della Pizza

Where’s the best pizza in Brussels? Easy, in the Saint Gilles neighbourhood! Roberto Casula has been delighting customers here since 2012 with award-winning pies in Belgium and beyond. Given the...
Fine Dining


Nadia and Giovanni Bruno are behind the success of this lovely restaurant not far from the city centre, close to the Schaerbeek indoor market. Elegant but not sterile, with colour accents, touches...
Fine Dining


It’s safe to define this place the Italian gastronomic outpost in Brussels. This classic style restaurant in both decor and menu is renowned for its traditional dishes. From the menu: eggplant...