Top Italian Restaurants in Seoul

by Lorenzo Ruggeri | Oct. 20 2017, 09:19 pm

“We are the Italians of Asia”, taxi drivers in Seoul would always tell us as we drove around town. Slight cultural differences aside, Italians and Koreans share the same obsessive passion for cookery. Now, thanks to recent ingredient availability, there are excellent examples of Italian food ion Korea, thanks to skilful local chefs, and restaurants focusing on regional cuisines such as the one from Sicily and Emilia Romagna, including chewy and crispy pizzas.

Fine Dining

Paolo de Maria

One of the best expressions of Italian contemporary cuisine.  Day after day, most of Korean food critics and journalists choose this restaurant  for a very authentic pasta dish, the top culinary...
Average Price: ₩ 60,000

Ciuri Ciuri

The atmosphere here is the one of an authentic Sicilian home-cook style restaurant. Small and cozy, Ciuri Ciuri delivers to each guest a very good and friendly customer service.  The menu Arancine...
Average Price: ₩ 20,000

Kitchen Salvatore Cuomo

Thick bases, a delicate amount of sauce and very fine produce define the classy pizzas from Salvatore Cuomo. All the toppings are based on fresh, high quality ingredients, very well balanced on the...
Average Price: ₩ 18,000

Spacca Napoli

For Lee Yu Woo, known as Giulio, it was love at first sight when he visited Italy. He decided to change his profession and bring Neapolitan pizza to South Korea. His Spacca Napoli, named for the city...
Average Price: ₩ 20,000