Top Italian Restaurants in Tokyo

Oct. 26 2017, 03:24 pm

We tried to disprove the saying that puts Tokyo as best dining city in the world. We failed. Merit for this also goes to those Italian restaurants that could rise above the rest even in Rome or Milan. The attention to detail, striving to perfection and an unrivalled gastronomic acuteness characterised some of the most memorable dining experiences we had during our travels. Plus, if you love Neapolitan-style pizza, you’re in the right place.


Il Buttero

An historic place where you can find a corner of Tuscany to reassure you about cucina italiana. The Buttero ambiance reproduces Tuscan hospitality down to the smallest detail, from the wood décor,...
Average Price: ¥ 12,000
Fine Dining

Il Ristorante Luca Fantin

Luca Fantin’s talent owed the 2015 nomination for his Bulgari restaurant at the Ginza Tower. His inspired hand, his ingredient-driven seasonal cuisine that cleverly sources extraordinary Japanese...
Average Price: ¥ 17,000

Da Nino

Sicily in Tokyo. Nino is one of chefs that Italians who live in Tokyo or come here to work love best. Nino Lentini, chef and proprietor, presents a classic repertory from the Mediterranean’s...
Average Price: ¥ 11,000
Fine Dining


The curiosity of the Japanese leads them to have an extraordinary ability to listen and understanding. Keisuke Kuroda was in Italy in the late '80s, he was trained under Giorgio Pinchiorri in...
Average Price: ¥ 10,000


Susumu Kakinuma is a pioneer of authentic Neapolitan pizza in Tokyo. Before opening in Nakameguro, he was already distinguished for his culinary skills at another venue named Savoia, which he opened...
Average Price: ¥ 2,500

Savoy Azabu-juban

Neapolitan pizza is definitely one of the most popular Italian foods in Tokyo. It is no coincidence, therefore, finding numerous pizzerias worthy of note in town. An example of these is Savoy, a very...
Average Price: ¥ 2,000
Fine Dining

Antica Osteria del Ponte

Antica Osteria del Ponte is located on the thirty-sixth floor of the Marunouchi building near Tokyo’s railroad station. It offers a delightful setting, an astonishing view, and a place to enjoy...
Average Price: ¥ 13,000

Pizzeria e Trattoria Da ISA

This rustic establishment bears the ambiance of old school Neapolitan pizzerias. Hisamori Yamamoto is the soul behind this place. To learn the art of properly proofing and baking authentic pizza he...
Average Price: ¥ 3,000

Bar & Enoteca Implicito

This is our favorite Italian wine bar in Tokyo. The entrance is like that of a classic wine bar, but inside, meticulous Japanese attention to detail and research in the selection of the Italian wines...
Average Price: ¥ 4,000
Fine Dining

Heinz Beck

Heinz Beck’s Japanese location is humming at full speed. The credit goes to a well-honed team headed by young, talented Giuseppe Molaro. From Campania, he has found his place in the sensibility and...
Average Price: ¥ 12,000

Napoli Sta Ca'

Before making pizza, Peppe Erricchielo enjoyed throwing hankies in the air. In Tokyo he worked as dishwasher, pizza chef and finally opened his own place in 2011 in Kamiyacho, in the shadow of the...
Average Price: ¥ 4,000

Vino della Pace

The name of this trattoria in the neighborhood that never sleeps in Tokyo - Roppongi - takes us to Friuli, and straight to a wine label. The two acres of the Cormòns Vigna del mondo grows more than...
Average Price: ¥ 7,000

Elio Locanda Italiana

From Calabria to Japan on the taste road: in 1996 Elio Orsara took to Tokyo the hospitality, flavours and traditions of Italian dining, especially the cuisine of southern Italy. This convivial...
Average Price: ¥ 8,000
Fine Dining

Faro Shiseido

Located on the tenth floor of the luxurious Shiseido building and flooded with light from the large windows, which makes the crystal ware and cutlery gleam, it is no coincidence that this restaurant...
Average Price: ¥ 10,000