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Paysages Nourriciers: 50 vegetable gardens throughout the city of Nantes to counter the crisis

The project promoted by the French city aims to supply poor families with fresh, healthy and local vegetables for free. Fifty vegetable gardens sown throughout the city, 25 tons of product that these will supply between July and September.

Jun. 30 2020

Librandi, synonymous with Calabria. A wine cellar that focuses all on terroir

An estate that covers approximately 350 hectares, of which 232 are vineyards, 80 planted in olive groves and the remaining are forests. Here is the story of Librandi.

Jun. 26 2020

Wine Travel Food – June 2020

We are on the decline of the health crisis (we hope) and on the rise of an economic one (we hope not). What will happen to the world of wine? You cand find it in our Wine Travel Food.

Jun. 19 2020

6 Primitivo di Manduria worth trying

In recent years the way of regarding Primitivo di Manduria has changed. Here is a list of 6 great wines worth trying.

May. 29 2020

Germany: strict rules and few seasonal workers in the world of wine

The world of wine in Germany is changing due to Coronavirus emergency. The safety rules are extremely strict and there can be only a few seasonal workers.

May. 29 2020

Portugal’s wine market: estimated loss of 50% in sales

Coronavirus has been having very serious consequences for the entire wine sector in Portugal. Here a quick analysis of sales.

May. 28 2020

Thermometer used in restaurants and public businesses hailing from the world of wine

TAACfatto is a standing thermometer that can be used in restaurants and public businesses. The idea comes from Marco Zorzettig, Friulian wine entrepreneur.

May. 27 2020

Pinot Grigio. First quarter up by 6.9%: so far no backlash

Pinot Grigio's success is a constant trend, mostly thanks to the widespread distribution in the international large-scale Gdo distribution channel, with exports reaching 95% of volumes to countries whose demand has so far proven positive. Here are a few details ...Leggi altro

May. 25 2020

Madeleine Stenwreth, Stockholm Sweden: the boom of bag in box wine

+40% for bag in box wine. For Madeleine Stenwreth it’s time to focus on low impact wine and revise the European label law.

May. 19 2020

10 wines with great value for money

Looking for wines with great value for money? Here's a selection of 10 wines awarded in the 2020 Vini d'Italia guide that you can't miss.

May. 18 2020
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