Lorenzo Ruggeri

Frescobaldi: Tuscany in a nutshell

From Chianti Rufina to Chianti Classico, and on to Maremma, Val di Pesa, the Montalcino area: discovering Tuscan diversity with Frescobaldi family.

May. 22 2020

Wine and the happy eggplant. Starting over after Coronavirus

How will the wine sector be after Coronavirus? It's time for a new start. With the words written by Chilean author Luis Sepúlveda.

May. 06 2020

Top Italian Restaurants 2020: the best Italian food abroad

An online guide that puts together the best Italian food spots in the world: here is the new edition of Gambero Rosso’s Top Italian Restaurants.

Apr. 20 2020

Gambero Rosso launches a new webtv and 3 social formats

Recipes, food stories and more: the new webtv by Gambero boasts over 900 hours of episodes, recipes and anecdotes told by some of the greatest celebrities in this world.

Apr. 01 2020

Wine at the time of quarantine

I am locked up, like many of you, within the walls of home. In Italy we have been like this for over 3 weeks. I am sitting in the cellar with my laptop placed on a crate of wine and ...Leggi altro

Mar. 31 2020

Why is Oltrepò placing all bets on Pinot Nero?

In Oltrepò it has increasingly been understood that the true identity grape variety is Pinot Nero: stubborn, multifaceted and difficult. Here it finds expressions that are difficult to reach elsewhere, and the winemakers have started to concentrate their efforts on ...Leggi altro

Feb. 18 2020

Preview Tre Bicchieri 2020. Solidarity Project Award. Cantina Centopassi

Libera Terra takes restores value and dignity to lands confiscated from the mafia. Its Sicilian wine division is called Centopassi, in honour of Peppino Impastato. Our 2020 Solidarity Project Award.

Oct. 29 2019

Making it in the food world. Singapore, like the U.S. in the Twenties

There are no seasons, and humidity is brutal. Yet Singapore is constantly at the top among the most sought-after destinations for those who want to change their life and their work.

Oct. 10 2019

Wine buy of the month: Barbaresco Basarin 2016 by Marco and Vittorio Adriano

Freshness and finess, notes of watermelon and raspberry: here's Barbaresco Basarin 2016 by Marco and Vittorio Adriano.

Sep. 13 2019

Top Italian Restaurants in San Diego

Everybody wants to move to San Diego. Why? Because of the relaxed atmosphere, the perfect climate, the beauty, the restaurant scene. When it comes to Italian food, San Diego has a lot to offer. Check our growing selection.

Jun. 13 2019
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