Since 1780 this Spoleto company has produced oil, wine and flour, moving to Giano dell’Umbria in 1920. Since then it began selling its own oil, from the best olives. Today Farchioni’s green gold is the fruit of decades of work, ...Leggi altro

Mar. 16 2020

La Doria

La Doria opened in 1954 at Angri, the Agro Nocerino Sarnese, the heart of the “red gold” district. At the time the area was known for its intensive cultivation of San Marzano tomato, whose massive presence contributed to the development ...Leggi altro

Mar. 16 2020

Olio Dante

After being sold to foreign companies the brand returned to Italy in 2009, purchased by Oleifici Mataluni (which includes Dante, Oio, Olita, Topazio and Vero). The Sommo Poeta label came home, and not long after, production was moved to Montesarchio ...Leggi altro

Mar. 16 2020


In 1920 Zefferino Monini began producing extra virgin olive oil in the Spoleto area, with its many olive-covered hillsides yielding oil with an intense but balanced flavour. Back then most Italians used only olive oil, especially in the city, and ...Leggi altro

Mar. 16 2020

Ristorante Armani

Chef Federico Sanna has proven to be one of Dubai’s most solid chefs. Located within the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, the Armani is understandably in the cradle of luxury, with breathtaking views of the fountains. Tables are well-spaced ...Leggi altro

Apr. 17 2019

The latest news from in-flight dining: like the astronauts on Lufthansa, and the state-of-the-art farm for Emirates

To improve the in-flight dining service, big airlines are seeking for innovative solutions, they collaborate with famous chefs, offer tailor-made services. The latest, most original ideas? Emirates' vertical farm and Lufthansa's astronaut meals 

Jan. 09 2019

diVino: a top Italian wine bar in the heart of Bangkok

An authentic Italian wine bar in the heart of Bangkok- diVino originated as an idea Roberto Ferin had in October, 2010. It was still difficult to find a good glass of Italian wine in Thai restaurants. “We began with only ...Leggi altro

Oct. 25 2018

Atelier Amaro: rediscovering Poland through nature

The Polish chef Wojciech Modest Amaro plays an important role in Polish food scene: he is an explorer and re-discoverer of Polish cuisine. Here's his story. 

Sep. 03 2018

Hostel Drink&Hospitality in Palermo, Adriano Rizzuto’s new place

Bartender Adriano Rizzuto opens in Palermo, close to the Vucciria market, a new cocktail bar on two floors in what used to be the aromatic trade street in 1800. All in the name of hospitality.

Jul. 19 2018
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