In the height of summer, nothing's better than a fine gelato. In Turin the choice is difficult, because there are so many great places for it: here are the best ones according to the guide Gelaterie d’Italia by Gambero Rosso.

Without doubt one of the cities with the most high-level gelaterias throughout Italy, Turin boasts great names in the art of sub zero including farms that have decided to use their products to make quality gelato. Here’s where to enjoy excellent gelato in the Piedmontese capital.

Best gelaterias in Turin in 2020

Agrigelateria San Pè

The parent company is in Poirino, but there are two Eataly Agrigelaterie branches, one in Turin and the other in Pinerolo. The gealto is always the same, the “farmer” style gelato born in a farm setting. Flavours are creamy, made without food colouring, preservatives or emulsifiers, using only high quality farmstead milk and local products, mostly self-grown or in any case very local, from seasonal fruit to Langhe hazelnuts.

Agrigelateria San Pé – via Nizza, 230 c/o Eataly Lingotto – 011 19506801 –

Alberto Marchetti

Born on the day his father opened his gelato shop on the outskirts of Turin, Alberto Marchetti grew up knee deep in gelato. Today he is one of the leading experts in the sector, popularizing sub zero products as healthy food, traceable and linked to small productions. The latest winning idea, in fact, is “gelato passport,” which gives consumers the chance to trace the entire production processb through blockchain technology (sequential distributed database found in cryptocurrencies derived from bitcoin). The ingredients of the laboratory are first choice, from Gobino chocolate to Piedmont trilobed hazelnuts, to create simple, pure, balanced and light flavours. Other branches in Turin, Alba, Milan and Alassio, as well as Casa Marchetti at the Porta Palazzo central market.

Casa Marchetti – p.zza CLN, 248 – 011 544383 –

Gelateria Alberto Marchetti – corso Vittorio Emanuele II 24bis- 011 839 0879 –


Creamy and consistent and churned at the moment, this soft gelato is made with Moris water buffalo milk from the Caraglio dairy. Many flavours to choose from, obviously starting with Fior di Bufala, the flagship of the laboratory, and then yogurt, Savoy cream with crumbled cookies and salt, Sicilian pistachio and hazelnut. Furthermore, the sorbets made with seasonal fruit and Fior di Bufala gelato on a stick coated with with Baratti & Milano chocolate are on point.

Conogelato – via G. Mazzini, 22 – corso Fiume 1c – via Po, 57 – 011 884747 –

Gelateria Contadina Cascina Roseleto

Farmstead gealto in the truest sense of the word, born in the 17th century Cascina Roseleto in Villastellone, where Claudia Masera raises free range cows and chickens. The product is also found in Turin, made with all the company’s ingredients, from milk from grass fed cows to seasonal fruit. Do not miss the delicious yellow pastry cream flavour; or the extra-aged zabaglione, Malaga rum raisin, fiordilatte as bicerin and the ciaparat (gianduia biscuit with almonds and caramelised hazelnuts). There’s also fruit sorbets, such as the peach of Canale d’Alba or pears from Pagno.

Gelateria Contadina Cascina Roseleto – Via Madama Cristina 121 – 342 970 4100 – 3713840068 –

Gelateria Popolare

Maurizio De Vecchi does not miss a beat, and continues to offer refined flavours, made with fresh, local products, without additives or pre-gel bases. The only thickener, in fact, is carob flour. Flavours shine in the great classics: creams (hazelnut, gianduiotto, fiordilatte) or fruit (strawberry, lemon and the original apple and citron), but the proposal varies day by day.

Gelateria Popolare – via Borgo Dora, 3 – 3486708713 –

Gelati d’Antan

A few years ago we awarded Nicolò Arietti rising gelato star and today his talent is confirmed through the great passion with which he pursues his philosophy of gelato made like in the past: no pre-gel bases, only a lot of research and selection of the best ingredients, combined with each other with taste and flair. Many traditional flavours: vanilla, hazelnut, pistachio, fiordilatte, dark chocolate, eggnog ––but also the most original creations such as the winemaker’s gelato, raspberry sorbet with sweet Malvasia doc, or the Perfumes of the Forest (alpine milk, wildflower honey, dried lavender blossoms). Excellent also the savoury gastronomic versions, like tomato and basil.

Gelati d’Antan – via Nicola Fabrizi, 37c – 3314675801 –

Gelato Dok

Alongside his renowned patisserie, Giovanni Dell’Agnese has also opened a gelateria, where his son Luca works with passion using high-level ingredients, which he transforms into creamy and tasty flavours. This is how the gianduiotto Dall’Agnese, meringue, eggnog, Sacher, meringue and berries or marron glacé with homemade artisan marrons are born. The flavours are inspired by pastry art, but also classics such as pistachio, hazelnut and all the fruit options. Do not miss a taste of his gelato-cocktails, from spritz to green apple Martini.

Gelato Dok – Unione Sovietica, 415 – 011 616157 –

L’Essenza del Gelato

No food colourings, preservatives, semi-finished products or artificial flavourings, only creamy and balanced gelato, made with carob seed flour as the only thickener and inulin, a vegetable fiber obtained from chicory, in place of a part of sugar. Among the must taste flavours are cassata, pistachio, Prince Amedeo (with dark chocolate, hazelnuts and salt), wild fruit, Sacher and white chocolate with lime. Among the sorbets, sesame with apricot sauce and oven roasted sesame stands out. Alternatively also granita with seasonal fruit and ice lollies, ice cream sandwiches and chocolate covered ice rceam sticks of various flavours.

L’Essenza del Gelato – via Principe Amedeo, 21f – 011 0767531 –

La Tosca

Gelato runs in the family (his brother is Marco Serra), Riccardo Serra offers flavours that draw on the Piedmontese tradition, made with carefully selected ingredients. The house specialty is Tosca, a hazelnut mixed cream with chocolates and a different percentage of ccao. Then there’s also cacao and hazelnuts, but the hazelnut, mascarpone, cream and walnuts or lemon with meliga paste are also notable. Fruit sorbets, gourmet gelato and cones are also good, also available in gluten-free version. There’s also another location in the new Ziccat space on corso Svizzera, 49.

La Tosca – via L. Cibrario, 50 – 011 4379807 – 3381229702 –

Mara dei Boschi

A contemporary gelateria, with an open laboratory which is first and foremost a training space, a place where people can learn more about gelato and where Davide Ferrero and his team work. About twenty flavours in all, mainstream and not, creamy, natural and with an authentic flavour. There is Panera coffee cream, Marotto, an ice cream version of gianduiotto, Maldon salt caramel and salty nut brittle. And then the seasonal fruit sorbets and savoury flavours. From the San Salvario headquarters where it all began, the business doubled in Corso De Gasperi, in addition to the always active address in Alba, where the Mara dei Boschi Cioccolato project first launched.

Mara dei Boschi – via C. L. Berthollet, 30 h – 011 0769557 – piazza Carlo Emanuele II, 21 – 011 0266159 – corso A. De Gasperi 57 – 011 18891679 –

Marilù fa il gelato

Three shops, the last opened in a lively pedestrian street a stone’s throw from the Gran Madre church where a wide choice of well-made gelato is available. Do not miss the tarte tatin, the Sacher, the fruttone (lemon pastry cream with ground almonds, apple compote, with dark chocolate sauce), figs and peaches flavour, the caramel panna cotta, the lemon scented ricotta with caramelised figs, white chocolate and Anpan Japanese dessert ice cream with azuki jam. There are also granitas, frozen desserts and ice cream cakes.

Marilù fa Il Gelato – via Nizza 92- 0112483614 – via Monferrato 7B- 0113724137 – corso Cincinnato 164 – 0117398939 –


Leonardo La Porta often translates current events into new gelato flavours, like the Malvasia di Castelnuovo Don Bosco, dedicated to the Pope, or San Giovanni cream for the patron saint’s feast. Among the most curious (but also very tasty) specialties there’s a gelato inspired by Cristiano Ronaldo, a milk base with Portuguese sherry and chocolate chips. Of course, there is no shortage of classics such as pastry cream, gianduia, coffee, Belgian chocolate or hazelnut. Plus there are the flavours of the month, those with low glycemic index and specials for holidays or other occasions.

Miretti – Matteotti, 5 – 011 533687 –


After leaving the shop in via Lagrange, Nivà in Turin is now in Piazza Vittorio and in the Crocetta district, in addition to the roving electric three wheen Ape vespas for exhibitions or events. The international vocation (two locations in Lisbon and one in Cannes) has not changed the original spirit of the brand: here you can find flavours produced with mountain milk, local seasonal fruit, local ingredients expertly churned and combined with each other in original ways. Featuring among the must taste flavours are caramel, mascarpone and gianduia cream, mocha, salted hazelnut and white chocolate with petit grain.

Nivà – piazza Vittorio Veneto, 7 – 011 8125064– corso de Gasperi 8 – 011 599345 –

Ottimo! Buono non basta

Giulio Rocci and Emanuele Monero have channeled their passion for food and gelato into a creative project that constantly sees them in search of new ideas and flavour combinations. There are scoops without milk, rich and delicious, such as Turin dark chocolate with stone-ground cacao beans, salted pistachio, raw hazelnut or zabaglione. And then the various local classics, starting with Viennese coffee and sheep’s milk ricotta with honey and saffron, and also creative flavours such as Black Smoke made with licorice, coffee and mint. From the idea of recycled gelato comes the bread flavour (a special local type from Perino), in the bread and jam version, bread and butter, bread and chocolate or zabaglione with forest leaves (but keep your eye out for more daring experiments, too).

Ottimo! Buono non basta – Stati Uniti, 6c – piazza Borromini 87, corso Marconi 23a, via Garibaldi 21c.


On the one hand the myth, the Pinguino, the most famous and imitated chocolate coated ice cream on a stick, on the other the loose flavours, prepared in the Avigliana laboratory with carefully selected ingredients. A place with a double soul that continues to be a solid reference point in the city. For those interested in the Pinguino, there are different flavours to choose from, from Pepino cream to gianduia, from coffee to Cocchi vermouth. For those who prefer cone and cup options, instead, go crazy with the great classics: pastry cream, plain milk, stracciatella, hazelnut and many other delicious creams.

Pepino – Piazza Carignano, 8 – 011 542009 –

Spazio 7 Lab

Canadian artist Paul Kneale designed the shop with a modern and colourful decor, born as a spinoff of the Spazio 7 restaurant, while pastry chef Andrea Monti, who selects ingredients together with chef Alessandro Mecca, studies the gelato recipes. The flavours are churned at the moment and alternate between classic creams (hazelnut, stracciatella, milk), and creative and original fruit sorbets, such as pineapple, lime and ginger or orange and mint. Crêpes with ice cream, affogato and hot chocolate complete the offer.

Spazio 7 Lab – via Maria Vittoria, 37 f – 351 952 3367 –


Hydrogenated fats, food colourings, artificial flavours and chemical additives are banned here. Bruno and Simone create only artisan gelato made with care and passion. Featuring among the most popular flavours are concord grape and pastel pastry from Belem, which incorporates the unmistakable flavour of the typical Portuguese pastry, egg yolk rich pastry cream and hazelnut from the Langhe, but also pistachio, fior di panna and marron glacé (candied chestnut). There is no shortage of lactose- and gluten-free flavours, along with a wide variety of fruit sorbets.

Vanilla – via Palazzo di Città, 7b – 011 4362745, 392 9089040 –