Feroce Ristorante, Caffè & Bar

Average Price: $ 60  

Feroce is our Opening of the Year. In the multitude of Italian openings we monitored all over the world we chose the new project coordinated by Francesco Panello in Chelsea. A certainly ambitious plan that’s surely accomplished, well made, at whose base are true, authentic flavours, and a very Italian palate. The style of the restaurant is classic, vintage, the Italian staff is very professional. Real flavours enchant for example with the bruschetta topped with egg, guanciale and pecorino, or the excellent paccheri with tomatoes that bring back family memories. The Milanese schnitzel-style cutlet is perfectly cooked and fragrant, the ingredients are excellent. The choice to offer a solid, classic kitchen, without too many frills, but that’s very tasty, is very successful, here. The wine list is focused on great labels, the markups are in tune with New York. The final Sicilian cannoli are noteworthy. Equally, the pizzeria of Feroce, on the third floor of the Moxy Chelsea, a super fragrant Roman pizza is a true crispy pleasure, thanks also to the advice of the Roscioli brothers, who otherwise never invest in foreign projects. The potatoes and sausage is applause-worthy. All day there’s a bar where customers can enjoy a fine espresso or focaccia to go.

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