Vini d’Italia Winter Lights: Warsaw and Copenhagen

[caption id="attachment_92638" align="alignnone" width=""]http://med.gamberorosso.it/media/2013/03/335461_web.jpeg[/caption]It was enough to cross the threshold of the Polish airport exit door to feel the impact of the under-zero temperatures that awaited us during our two days in Warsaw. But the emotions for such a long-awaited ...Leggi altro

Jan. 29 2013

Tre Bicchieri® World Tour Asia 2012/2013

[caption id="attachment_91381" align="alignnone" width=""]http://med.gamberorosso.it/media/2012/09/327195_web.jpeg[/caption]The Tre Bicchieri World Tour 2012/2013 will make three stops in Asia: Tokyo, Shanghai and Hong Kong. And it will make its final appearance in Canada (Montréal and Toronto), after the first Tre Bicchieri Russian edition in ...Leggi altro

Sep. 14 2012

Top Italian Wines Roadshow 2012/2013

[caption id="attachment_89308" align="alignnone" width=""]http://med.gamberorosso.it/media/2011/08/283492_web.jpeg[/caption]The leading Italian Food & Wine Media Company Gambero Rosso launches its Top Italian Wines Roadshow. It is the sixth world tour of its kind, spotlighting some of Italy’s best wines for an international public. The events will ...Leggi altro

Feb. 07 2012
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