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Homemade coffee. 7 tips for a perfect moka (and napoletana)

The coffee prepared with a moka pot continues to be the favorite of many Italians, who also prefer it to espresso at the coffee bar. But to brew a proper beverage it's not enough to rely on tradition: we need ...Leggi altro

Oct. 04 2018

Drinking fine coffee in London: the 10 best coffee bars in the British capital

It is the capital of fine coffee in Europe, the city where more than elsewhere, the specialty coffee shop movement, quality artisanal coffees and above all new concepts of coffee bar developed. In London, there are many valid places for ...Leggi altro

Jun. 04 2018

New York roaster Dillon Edwards of Parlor Coffee on the Italian beverage

In Brooklyn, Parlor Coffee spells quality and innovation. The small artisan roaster is part of the wave of US specialty coffee bars. With the help of the owner we defined the differences between New York city and Italian coffee bars.

Nov. 25 2016
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