Vino 4.0 Conference and the first ever Guida Enoteche d’Italia, Italy’s Wine Shop Guide

Everything is ready for the Vino 4.0 Conference. Expected in Rome are the major representatives of large-scale retail trade, and the most important e-commerce and international trade realities, plus some of the best sommeliers.

Feb. 10 2020

Appointments: Calici di Stelle returns. The theme of this year? “Eyes to Heaven”

Ready to raise "Eyes to Heaven"? This is the claim of the next edition of Calici di Stelle, the summer event of the Wine Tourism and Wine Cities Movement which, from 2 to 12 August, offers tastings, shows and star-gazings ...Leggi altro

Aug. 03 2018

“Treni storici del gusto”, a gastronomic itinerary via Sicilian railway lines

A journey of memory discovering Sicily, in a train car of the '30s around the most impressive railway lines of the island. The itinerant program of Fondazione FS Italiane and Regione Sicilia is back, which this year is enriched with ...Leggi altro

Aug. 02 2018

10 must-visit July food festivals

July temperatures don't ever put off organizers or food enthusiasts: there are several food-centred events this month, scattered throughout the Italian peninsula. 

Jul. 25 2018

Events. Ferrari Trento and Gambero Rosso bring The Italian Art of Living to London

Three vintages of Giulio Ferrari opened the event The Italian Art of Living, hosted last Monday in London, on the banks of the Thames. Here some of the pictures of the event. 

Jul. 06 2018

The first stop in Zurich: great success

[caption id="attachment_92993" align="alignnone" width=""][/caption]First tryout and first success in Zurich for the new wine roadshow format organized by Gambero Rosso for wineries interested in the European market.   The first tryout of the new Vini d’Italia format took place in ...Leggi altro

Mar. 20 2013

Tre Bicchieri Coast to Coast. The Gambero in San Francisco and Chicago

[caption id="attachment_92800" align="alignnone" width=""][/caption]The lights of San Francisco shone on the first stop of the North American Tre Bicchieri Week. The event proved to be a festive celebration of Italian quality wine. The entire Italian community showed up and with ...Leggi altro

Feb. 22 2013

Vini d’Italia Winter Lights: Warsaw and Copenhagen

[caption id="attachment_92638" align="alignnone" width=""][/caption]It was enough to cross the threshold of the Polish airport exit door to feel the impact of the under-zero temperatures that awaited us during our two days in Warsaw. But the emotions for such a long-awaited ...Leggi altro

Jan. 29 2013

Nobile di Montepulciano and Prosecco, two icon of Italian wines.

[caption id="attachment_92566" align="alignnone" width=""][/caption]For the first time in Houston on February 5, 2013 during the event Italian Wine Tales at the Union Station Lobby at Minute Maid Parkt he timeless elegance of Vino Nobile and the fascinating appeal of Prosecco Superiore

Jan. 16 2013

Italian Wine Tales. Testimonial Wineries

[caption id="attachment_92515" align="alignnone" width=""][/caption]    

Jan. 14 2013
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