Toyosu: the new Tokyo fish market. After over 80 years Tsukiji retires

Marked by years of announcements and delays, the fate of the Tokyo fish market - among the most famous in the world - has finally found a stable configuration and has moved to Toyosu. 

Nov. 27 2018

Home-cooking methods for fish and seafood: baked (in a pouch or in a crust), grilled, steamed and fried

Cooking fish too daunting? It’s easily done at home. Here are the main cooking methods for fish, and two recipes that can be easily replicated at home: stewed baccalà (codfish) and baked pagello fragolino (snapper).

Jun. 20 2018

Ittico, an avant garde e-Market for fish and aquaculture

The launch of a platform dedicated to operators in the fishing industry, restaurateurs and consumers will foster the trade of fisheries and aquaculture products. Enter the newest online project “Mercato Telematico del pesce.”

Feb. 05 2018

Swordfish at risk in the Mediterranean. EU approach divides fishermen and environmentalists

Thirty years of excessive expolitation have reduced swordfish population of 70%. Now, the fish is at risk and WWF launches the alarm. But the distribution shares proposed by the European Union trigger a fight between fishermen and ecologists.

Dec. 23 2016

Signature seafood recipes from Angelo Sabatelli, Dal Corsaro e La Madia

Traveling along the Italian coast in search of fish recipes, we now land in Puglia, Sicily and Sardinia. Here are recipes by Angelo Sabatelli, Stefano Deidda and Pino Cuttaia for you

Sep. 14 2016

Signature seafood recipes from Guido, Uliassi and La Madonnina del Pescatore

We asked 12 chefs who focus their cuisine on fish to each lend us one of their recipes. Today it’s Mauro Uliassi, Moreno Cedroni and Gianpaolo Raschi’s turn, two hail from Le Marche and the latter form Emilia-Romagna

Aug. 29 2016

Where to buy fish in Bologna: 5 recommendations by local chefs

Fish plays an important role in the regional cuisine that’s best known for its cured meats. Finding the best is the key step towards cooking a great seafood dish. Bologna chefs advise us regarding their trusted fish purveyors in town. 

Aug. 25 2016

Where to buy fish in Rome: 7 recommendations by top chefs

Summer’s most consumed food in Italy. More and more places to buy fish are springing up everywhere. Not all are dependable though. Here are the best places for purchasing fish in Rome, as suggested by cooking professionals. 

Aug. 18 2016
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