Wine Travel Food – May 2020

From Manduria to western world's wines, here are all the latest food and wine news.

May. 06 2020

Regional Italian breakfast options, from focaccia ligure to Sicilian granita

Not all breakfasts are created equal: different regions boast characteristic and tasty morning customs. Here are some examples.

Apr. 22 2020

Sunday roast, British Sunday lunch – history and lore

As an alternative to classic pasta casserole can be Roast beef, roasted vegetables and apple crumble. The history of British Sunday roast.

Apr. 16 2020

Northern Australia: amid aborigines and extreme flavours

We toured Northern Australia, the region that was untouched by the dramatic fires that devastated the east and south of the country at the beginning of the year. With some advice for where to eat (including raw worms, if desired) ...Leggi altro

Apr. 08 2020

#istayhealthy. Four dietary rules for managing quarantine stress levels

The emergency and quarantine situation due to Covid-19 puts a strain on our mental health, in fact all this uncertainty comes with an enormous load of stress. Four nutritional rules to follow, especially in this period.

Mar. 31 2020

Yeast-free bread. Typical products from around the world

Brewer's yeast is stockpiled and missing from supermarket shelves. But a good bread can also be made without yeast, as these international products demonstrate.

Mar. 26 2020

Affordable meals: basic manual for great “poor man’s” dishes

Who says that eating well is a luxury for a select few? We don't need expensive ingredients and complicated preparations to create a fine dish. Here's our kitchen survival manual.

Mar. 23 2020

Dining on the Raa atoll in the Maldives. An Italian in the kitchen of the Emerald Maldives Resort

We went to a resort hotel in the Maldives to discover the secrets of the local cuisine.

Mar. 12 2020

Where to enjoy the best breakfasts in Bologna

Bakers, historic pastry shops, specialty cafes: there's something for everyone in Bologna. Here are the places to visit to start your day right.

Mar. 11 2020

Dutch company Fooditive launch a sweetener made from fruit scraps

A healthy sweetener, virtually calorie-free, and that's also sustainable, made from fruit rejected by supermarkets because not aesthetically perfect. Here is the new sugar substitute.

Mar. 10 2020
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