Kohi Tokyo 1982 in Milan: specialty coffee in the Porta Romana station

Inspired by Japanese cafes, Kohi is the latest coffee trend in Milan, born inside the Porta Romana station. Read the whole story.

Jul. 04 2020

Loose product stores in Milan: where to shop sans plastic

There's a solidarity shop that gives work to people who have been unemployed for over 6 months, a retro-style grocery store and a self-managed pop-up store: here's a list of the loose product shops in Milan.

Dec. 17 2019

In Milan, there’s a drink list dedicated to Giorgio Armani. Cocktails designed like a fashion collection at Bamboo Bar

On the seventh floor of the Armani hotel, in the Milan fashion district, Bamboo Bar shares the scene with the maison's restaurant, led by Francesco Mascheroni. Behind the bar counter is Andrea Rella, who now offers a "collection" of cocktails ...Leggi altro

Sep. 10 2019

The best international street food in Milan: 6 places to try

One of the Italian cities where international cuisine is most rooted, in Milan there is plenty of choice for lovers of exotic flavours. Here are the must-taste foreign street foods.

Aug. 07 2019

Cookies ‘n’ Cream Milano: American cookie in via Paolo Sarpi

A very small shop, about 40 square meters mostly occupied by the laboratory: here's the new Cookies 'n' Cream Milano.

Jun. 25 2019

Gluten Freak. Pop-up bakery in Milan

A pop-up bakery that showcases croissants, pain au chocolat, grilled cheese sandwichesand other leavened products in Milan. It's called Gluten Freak, a project by Laura Lazzaroni and Paolo Minguzzi.

Apr. 24 2019

The Best Specialty coffee bars in Milan

Many different coffee shops make up the Milanese coffee scene, a heterogeneous and multifaceted panorama, which in terms of quality is avant-garde. Here are the best addresses.

Apr. 03 2019

Christmas in Milan: 6 markets for eating well in Milan during the holidays

Christmas is approaching, and the hankering for sweets is starting too. Christmas markets are the ideal place to taste delicacies from every where in an enchanted atmosphere: here are 6 appointments in Milan.

Dec. 19 2018

Food trends in Milan. The most interesting are in Chinatown

In the area surrounding via Paolo Sarpi in Milan, is Italy's most important and industrious Chinatown. Now, after an initial immigration period one hundred years, the Chinese community is one of the most solid, boasting advanced gastronomy that's difficult to ...Leggi altro

Nov. 27 2018

New Pascucci Moka in Milan puts all its efforts on well-made traditional espresso coffee

Quality coffee venues are in constant growth in Milan, a city that's increasingly becoming a national reference point for lovers of java. The new Pascucci restaurant focuses all on the moka pot, the traditional home-made method, but equally shines a ...Leggi altro

Aug. 01 2018
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