In London milkmen are back. Glass bottles delivered door to door

Home delvered milk? In London it's again possible, thanks to the return of milkmen in charge of delivering returnable glass bottles. Thus avoiding a significant amount of plastic or tetrapak waste

Nov. 11 2019

Goat’s milk. Properties, benefits, price and where to find it

Many prefer it thinking it's lactose free, but in reality goat's milk is not suitable for the lactose intolerant. It is excellent, however, for children and those suffering from osteoporosis. Properties and characteristics of this product.

Apr. 05 2019

Buffalo mozzarella in Hungary: a business story from Italy

Since 2016 a group of farmers and food technologists has been producing a real Italian buffalo mozzarella in Hungary. Here's the whole story.

Feb. 28 2019

Home cooking with milk around the world. Recipes for Palak paneer, Russian milk soup, milk-drenched pork roast and dulce de leche

[caption id="attachment_147380" align="alignnone" width=""]due bottiglie di latte[/caption] As the protagonist of breakfast, it can be enjoyed as is or mixed with coffee. Milk is the basic ingredient for many preparations. Here are 4 recipes from around the world that can ...Leggi altro

Jun. 11 2018
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