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Caffè Panna in New York. Hallie Meyer’s latest gelateria, a homage to Rome and Italy

The surname is known: Hallie Meyer is the daughter of Danny Meyer, a world-famous New York restaurateur, particularly tied to Rome and Italian cuisine. And so his daughter, who after a period of training in the the Eternal City, is ...Leggi altro

Oct. 08 2019

Cassinelli in Astoria: the history of Italian pasta in New York

The oldest Italian pasta factory in Astoria, New York, invites customers to closely observe the pasta production process. Here's the story of Cassinelli.

Jul. 29 2019

Ramen Power House in New York: Luca Catalfamo’s veg ramen

Casa Ramen Power - the temporary restaurant that opened a few days ago, hosted at a tiny space in Kenmare street, Manhattan - could only be the first test bed for a stable project in the city. Here are the ...Leggi altro

Mar. 22 2019

Hudson Yards, the new gastronomic destination of New York

It will open on 15th March and it will include the Mercado Little Spain by Adrià brothers, Thomas Keller's restaurant, the fusion world by David Chang and much more. All the details about new Hudson Yards in New York.

Mar. 01 2019

Top 5 pizzas in New York

Eating a good pizza in New York has never been easier: there are several Italian places where real Italian pies can be enjoyed. These are the 5 best selected by our guide.

Jan. 23 2019

The Italian confectionery industry the world loves. Nutella Cafè and Venchi in New York

Before summer the Ferrero brand had guaranteed an opening by the end of 2018. A promise kept on November 14 when Nutella Cafè opened its doors in New York. 

Dec. 05 2018

Vertical gardens in New York restaurants. The surge of DIY agriculture

After the urban agriculture trend, in New York it's time for the vertical farms, interior gardens created by restaurateurs and chefs. Here is what's happening in the Big Apple. 

Dec. 04 2018

Tacocina, Mexican food in Brooklyn. Danny Meyer and the area’s urban redevelopment project

After focusing on international and Italian cuisine, Danny Meyer is now dedicated to Mexican food, with a new restaurant in Brooklyn. Here are the details.

Oct. 03 2018

Polosud. Italian artisan gelato in New York

Summer is gelato time. Here is the story of Polosud, and Italian artisan gelateria and Sicilian coffee shop due to open soon in Little Italy, New York. 

Sep. 14 2018

Industry City is the new foodie destination in New York. Here’s where to eat

How to rehabilitate degraded suburbs, how to give new dignity, identity and role to disused industrial areas? In New York the Industry City project mixes large spaces, production, sales and even food service. All at a very high innovation rate.

May. 22 2018
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