Everything about vinegar. But the real thing!

It's easy to say "vinegar". But under this simple and immediate term hide all manner of ingredients, worlds, cultures (and even by-products) that have been part of human history since its inception. Here's to the rebirth of the vinegar tradition ...Leggi altro

Apr. 09 2020

Made in Fukushima. The rebirth of a contaminated agricultural territory in a book on (and made of) rice

The project is the result of a collaboration between Serviceplan and the German graphic studio Moby Digg. The result is a book––printed on Fukushima rice paper––that tells a true story of agricultural rebirth, where life was interrupted as a result ...Leggi altro

Sep. 18 2019

Abruzzo cuisine: regional products, A to Z

Think arrosticini and ferratelle, by way of pecorino and mostaccioli: here's the best Abruzzo food.

Jul. 29 2019

2018 in food: what happened during the Year of Italian Food

42 billion euro is the figure reached for the first time by Italian food exports in 2018. A record obtained precisely in the "Year of Italian Food," which featured a number of projects and events of all kinds to promote ...Leggi altro

Jan. 23 2019

Durian, the world’s most ill-smelling tropical fruit

It's one of the most ill-smelling products in the whole world, but in Asia it is considered as a real specialty. We tried durian at the Chinatown market in Singapore and here are our comments.

Jan. 11 2019
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