Food gelatin: history, uses in cooking and recipes

Canned meat, puddings, aspic: food gelatin is a valid ally in the kitchen to thicken preparations. But for those who don't want to eat animal products, there are also plant-based options.

Sep. 10 2020

Wine travel food – July/August 2020

Did you know that there's an increasing number of successful Italian restaurants in the French capital? Find out more about this and other stories in our Wine Travel Food.

Aug. 27 2020

Traditional desserts made with extra virgin olive oil

The result of ancient traditions and of a humble but tasty cuisine, desserts made with extra virgin olive oil have always been part of the Italian table. Here's a few.

Aug. 03 2020

History, variations and recipes of pesto in Italy

Made with basil or tomato, arugula or walnuts: pesto is the ideal solution in the summer. Here are the typical pesto recipes of the Italian tradition.

Jun. 15 2020

Gambero Rosso launches a new webtv and 3 social formats

Recipes, food stories and more: the new webtv by Gambero boasts over 900 hours of episodes, recipes and anecdotes told by some of the greatest celebrities in this world.

Apr. 01 2020

#istayhealthy. Four dietary rules for managing quarantine stress levels

The emergency and quarantine situation due to Covid-19 puts a strain on our mental health, in fact all this uncertainty comes with an enormous load of stress. Four nutritional rules to follow, especially in this period.

Mar. 31 2020

Italian Easter traditions at the table

Lasagna, lamb and pastiera (wheatberry cake) are only a few of the classic foods Italians normally enjoy during the Easter celebrations. Here is the rest.

Mar. 26 2020

Yeast-free bread. Typical products from around the world

Brewer's yeast is stockpiled and missing from supermarket shelves. But a good bread can also be made without yeast, as these international products demonstrate.

Mar. 26 2020

Affordable meals: basic manual for great “poor man’s” dishes

Who says that eating well is a luxury for a select few? We don't need expensive ingredients and complicated preparations to create a fine dish. Here's our kitchen survival manual.

Mar. 23 2020

The 10 most searched foods online in 2019

Food is increasingly at the centre of our thoughts, and mostly what we search online. Here's the most popular food on Google.

Dec. 19 2019
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