I Drink Pink 2017, rosé wine festival at Città del Gusto in Rome

Top Italian pink wine makers will showcase their products in a pleasant summer evening with tastings and gourmet pairings. Città del gusto in Rome is hosting I Drink Pink, a festival of Italian rosé wines.

Jun. 22 2017

Travel. Santorini, the volcanic pearl of the Aegean, and its wines

Your travel buddies can lend tips on the best beaches while you focus on the volcanic soil of Santorini and its wines: here are the best labels.

Jul. 26 2016

Great Vertical Tastings. The Vision of Vietti

With the release of the 2011, the Vietti family’s Barolo Rocche di Castiglione celebrates its 50th year. An important achievement, it underlines the quality achieved by the Langa wine world since that first premium cru. Ten vintages and half a ...Leggi altro

Dec. 21 2015

The Vini d’Italia Tour

[caption id="attachment_91836" align="alignnone" width=""]http://med.gamberorosso.it/media/2013/01/332880_web.jpeg[/caption]The wine world is changing. Italian wineries are rethinking their strategies on the international market so the way Gambero Rosso works must keep pace – its  publication and communication resources are shifting gear. Around the globe, consumption ...Leggi altro

Oct. 24 2012

Tre Bicchieri Moscow. 100 of Italy’s prize winning wines

[caption id="attachment_91712" align="alignnone" width=""]http://med.gamberorosso.it/media/2010/04/239419_web.jpeg[/caption]For the very first time the leading Italian food & wine multimedia company, Gambero Rosso, editor of the world’s most authoritative guide to Italian Wines “Vini d’Italia”, will present a unique selection of more than 100 of ...Leggi altro

Oct. 16 2012

Tre Bicchieri® World Tour 2011/2012

[caption id="attachment_88324" align="alignnone" width=""]http://med.gamberorosso.it/media/2011/08/283650_web.jpeg[/caption]Our Tre Bicchieri World Tour is the main series of events dedicated to presenting the best Italian wines. Launched in 1988, along with the first Gambero Rosso guide to Italian wine, Vini d’italia, it has been expanding ...Leggi altro

Oct. 17 2011

Roadshow 2011/2012: participating Wineries

[caption id="attachment_88295" align="alignnone" width=""]http://med.gamberorosso.it/media/2011/08/283492_web.jpeg[/caption] APOLLONIOwww.apolloniovini.it FIRRIATOwww.firriato.it

Oct. 14 2011
Abbonati a Premium