Golfo dei Poeti. A coastal story narrated by green oysters

We went to Liguria, in the famous Golfo dei Poeti, where everything is green. Oysters included. Here is what we liked the most. 

Sep. 27 2018

Top 8 Italian motorcycle roads (with pit stops)

The plains, hills and alpine passes of Italy perfectly represent the synthesis and union of pure nature and human intervention, giving motorcyclist unforgettable riding experiences. Not to mention the tasty pit stops along the way.

Apr. 18 2018

Tuscia according to great cooks and pastry chefs

Although there are no famous gourmet-favorite places, you can eat fairly well in Viterbo's province. Tradition is essentially tied to family cucina on one hand, and to the influence of Rome on the other. But what do local chefs think ...Leggi altro

Feb. 27 2018
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