…last meals. The exhibition in New York on the book that narrates the last meals of the sentenced to death

Burger and fries, candy, a red apple. These are some of the last requests from death row inmates in US prisons, now collected in a book and exhibition.

Sep. 04 2020

Mandatory composting in Vermont, to protect the environment and the circular economy

Household or neighbourly, composting is now mandatory in Vermont, a state of rural communities seeking to live more sustainably.

Aug. 24 2020

The dining sector in the US is on its knees: 5.9 million unemployed, a recession taking us back 30 years

The monthly U.S. Department of Labor report, which provides updates on national unemployment rate, details 20.5 million jobs lost in April. One in four in the restaurant industry, halving its number of employees, but there's hope for a restart.

May. 15 2020

Steven Raichlen grills Italy. The king of barbecue on filming with Gambero Rosso

Ex-food critic, TV personality, above all a lover of fine dining and a passionate cook, Steven Raichlen has found in grilling his best means of expression. Filming of his new TV programme of Gambero Rosso Channel is concluded. The show ...Leggi altro

Nov. 08 2017

Italian food halls and markets opening in the United States

First it was Eataly, now among the infinite number of markets and food halls offering local US residents affordable foods from all over the world, Italian food seems to be playing a pivotal role. From Miami to Washington DC, by ...Leggi altro

Oct. 03 2017

José Andrés: interview with the chef who’s working with Barack Obama

Culinary avant-garde, five-star enterprises, TV and publishing, commitment to social issues, didactics: José Andrés – one of the world’s 100 most influential people according to Time Magazine – is the chef of TFG, ThinkFoodGroup.

Apr. 11 2016

Tre Bicchieri® 2012: New York New York

[caption id="attachment_89564" align="alignnone" width=""][/caption]Italian wine has never been as popular in Manhattan as it is right now. The extraordinary success of the Tre Bicchieri event, the interviews we had with producers and importers, and our visits to the principal restaurateurs ...Leggi altro

Feb. 29 2012

Tre Bicchieri® 2012: our third visit to Chicago

[caption id="attachment_89562" align="alignnone" width=""][/caption]This was our third Gambero Rosso visit to Chicago, an event that has developed so much over the years so that this time almost a thousand people showed up.  Even so, the numbers don’t compare to those ...Leggi altro

Feb. 29 2012

Tre Bicchieri® 2012: Assault on Fort Mason

[caption id="attachment_89558" align="alignnone" width=""][/caption]There are hundreds of journalists, bloggers and trade professionals lined up at the entrance.  Admission to Fort Mason Center in San Francisco is by invitation only. The event hasn't begun yet, but the enthusiasm and interest are ...Leggi altro

Feb. 29 2012

Tre Bicchieri® Usa Tour 2012

[caption id="attachment_89046" align="alignnone" width=""][/caption]The Tre Bicchieri World Tour starts its coast to coast swing in the United States after presenting its premium group of award winners to the world. Only producers of a label that achieved Vini d’Italia’s highest category, ...Leggi altro

Jan. 12 2012
Abbonati a Premium