Products of the month: asparagus and a recipe by Igles Corelli

Asparagus are one of the best products of spring: healthy and delicious, they can be used in lots of different ways. Here's everything you need to know.

Apr. 15 2019

15 Italian vegetarian dishes you may not know

It’s easy for Italians to comprehend and accept the vegetarian approach, much more than in traditionally meat-consuming cultures such as North America and the UK, for example. They rely heavily on native crops and nature’s cycles for their daily meals.

Feb. 21 2018

10 best Italian soups

As temperatures drop, Italians traditionally make soup. But there’s a universe beyond minestrone: in the realm of Italian soups the choice of lesser known traditional zuppeis, like much of the Bel Paese’s biodiversity, vast and varied.

Feb. 21 2018

After Ikea now Muji also goes into food, opening a produce market in Tokyo

Muji is a Japan design institution. The retail company presents its newly remodelled flagship store in Tokyo transformed into a produce market and coffee shop. 

Aug. 07 2017
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