Vini d’Italia Tour

The first stop in Zurich: great success

[caption id="attachment_92993" align="alignnone" width=""][/caption]First tryout and first success in Zurich for the new wine roadshow format organized by Gambero Rosso for wineries interested in the European market.   The first tryout of the new Vini d’Italia format took place in ...Leggi altro

Mar. 20 2013

Vini d’Italia Winter Lights: Warsaw and Copenhagen

[caption id="attachment_92638" align="alignnone" width=""][/caption]It was enough to cross the threshold of the Polish airport exit door to feel the impact of the under-zero temperatures that awaited us during our two days in Warsaw. But the emotions for such a long-awaited ...Leggi altro

Jan. 29 2013
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