Gambero Rosso Travel: The Taste of Travel

19 Apr 2011, 11:43 | a cura di Gambero Rosso

Italian food and wine has a notably long and rich heritage: from ancient world fare to modern and contemporary cuisine, the Italian table has evolved through the millennia.  It is admired and respected around the globe and held in high esteem on every continent.  Recognizing this vast patrimony, Italy feels the responsibility of pr


eserving its time-tested culture in the home, on the farm, in wine cellars and on the tables of trattorias and restaurants.


Learning about the riches of Italian food and wine will not only please your palate but also satisfy your sense of curiosity and adventure.  Explore the different regions of the Italian peninsula and meet the local people who keep this treasure alive.  Gambero Rosso has decided to spotlight the evolution of food and wine and share its knowledge of Italian cuisine by creating Gambero Rosso Travel.  As your consultant and travel organizer, we will help you discover the cultural heritage and deepest secrets of Italian food and wine…and more!



You can even travel beyond national and European borders to discover the culinary wonders of our entire planet.


Gambero Rosso Travel: discover a world to taste, sip, and savor at every level.

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