What is Gambero Rosso?

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Gambero Rosso is the world’s authority on Italian food, wine and travel. Established in 1986 it is acknowledged throughout Italy (and by those in the know internationally) as THE provider of the most up to date, impartial and expert insights into ‘saper vivere’, the Italian way of life.


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Gambero Rosso started life as a traditional content company publishing magazines, guides, wine, cookery and travel books. Expansion in recent years has included the opening of Città del gusto in Rome and Naples (Cities of Taste) dedicated to

exploring the vast universe of Italian food and wine, professional and amateur cooking schools, a 24 /7 TV channel with studios and full production facilities and a number of online interests.

We also put together specialist programmes for governments and companies of all types. At the moment for example, we have the three most important chefs from The National People's Congress of the People's Republic of China enrolled in a

specialist course at the Città del gusto in Rome studying the history, ingredients, traditions and art of Italian cooking with workshops and placements in leading restaurants in the capital.


LEARNING Gambero Rosso Schools

As well as bespoke courses such as that described above we have dozens of courses

for professionals and amateurs across a range of cuisines and specialisations, (see below.) We even run a Masters in Journalism, Communication and Enogastronomy. Of course, everything can be filmed for broad or narrowcast across a range of media.

BROADCAST Gambero Rosso TV production

Much of the content for Gambero Rosso TV is produced in (our studios) the Città del gusto in Rome. Bespoke content could be prepared in house or on location in Italy or abroad. We have a vast library of food related programming that can be used as is or adapted for specialist media opportunities.

JOURNALISM Gambero Rosso style content creation

The Gambero Rosso team are specialists in what they do and have a very clear focus, Italian food, wine, travel, lifestyle, tempo libero, saper vivere Gambero Rosso writers are masters of their trade. They pioneered the art of food and wine journalism in Italy and invented the language and the standards by which it is judged. They are also highly trained experts in their fields, sommeliers, chefs etc accomplished and expert judges of quality and value. Bespoke content could be created or existing content could be licensed.



Gambero Rosso’s monthly magazine in Italian and quarterly magazine in English explores the spectacular world of food, wine and travel throughout Italy and beyond for gourmands, enthusiasts and professionals.


Gambero Rosso’s guides to Italian Wines, Restaurants, Hotels, Bars, Ice Cream “Gelateria” and Pizzerias as well as regional guides and guides to some of the major cities in Italy are inspired sources of information. Gambero Rosso’s Italian Wines published with Slow Food is internationally recognised to be the definitive annual guide to Italian wines. The Gambero Rosso system of assigning 'glasses' or ‘bicchieri’ has become the

international byword for quality in Italian wines and Gambero Rosso has now extended this concept to restaurants, trattorias, hotels, cafés and wine bars as well. Gambero Rosso’s cookbooks cover Italian and international cuisine and come in standard and coffee table designs. Gambero Rosso’s specialist publications are written for and by some of the world’s top chefs, gourmands and wine lovers.


Gambero Rosso TV produces and broadcasts quality food, wine and travel programmes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on Sky Italia. We have TV studios located in the Città del gusto in Rome, production teams and full editing suites.


Città del gusto are modern centres dedicated to exploring the vast universe of food and wine. There is one in Rome and one in Naples and both are busy centres that host food, wine and champagne tastings, cooking demonstrations, awards ceremonies and innumerable other culinary events.

Gambero Rosso’s schools in the Città del gusto in Rome and Naples run a wid variety of courses in food and wine at every level from amateur to professional. (See below for more information) Gambero Rosso’s shop in Città del gusto in Rome is a veritable treasure trove of quality wine / food niche products for the gourmet kitchen and items that add an

amusing touch of sophistication and originality to the table.

Finally the wine bar with its large terrace on the top floor of the Città del gusto in Rome is the perfect place to spend an evening sampling fine wines and cocktails or and having dinner with friends and family.

Our wine bar in the Città del gusto in Naples overlooks the bay of Naples. Likewise, you are cordially invited to our Osteria. We have two, one in the Città del gusto in Rome the other in Naples.


Whether you are new to food and wine, a keen amateur, or looking to become a professional chef, sommelier or industry expert, you will find a course to inspire you.


We offer a wide range of courses both for beginners and for enthusiasts who want to take their culinary knowledge and skills to new levels under the expert guidance of our great chefs.

Our courses celebrate the richness and variety of Italian (and international) regional cuisine and are held in the warm, relaxed but professional atmosphere at the Città del gusto (in Rome and Naples.)


We offer short and long term courses designed for people who want to work or gain new skills in the restaurant trade, a business that requires amongst other things, passion, attention to detail and improvisation. The participants learn all the skills that are required in a professional catering

environment from professionals operating in a world that is constantly evolving.


Getting to know and understand wine. We offer introductory, intermediate and advanced wine courses, study tasting techniques and set out to broaden the appreciation and knowledge of wines from both Italy and abroad.


We offer a masters in food and wine for those who aspire to management positions in the industry and need to master the tools of the trade, or simply for those who wish to become tasters and journalists in this sector.


Live on stage, in front of an audience of eighty or so enthusiasts, famous chefs, not just Italians, demonstrate how they prepare their favourite dishes and then cook them right in front of the audience. Simultaneously Gambero Rosso chefs prepare these dishes for you in the kitchens so that everyone can enjoy them. The theatre is also televised and broadcast later on Gambero Rosso TV Channel.

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