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Gambero Rosso S.P.A. is the global platform leader in the promotion of Italian excellence in Italian food and wine products. The company is now in the process of IPO on the AIM Italia stock market – Mercato Alternativo del Capitale (formerly the Alternative Investment Market).

Our history, our mission, our leadership

Since 1986, Gambero Rosso has published magazines, books and guides with reliable reviews of quality wine and food. In 1998, it launched the first thematic digital TV channel (SKY 412), and its own Internet site, one of the first media operators in Italy to do so. Gambero Rosso trains professionals and enthusiasts all over the world. Gambero Rosso is the global leader in the promotion of Italian excellence on 4 continents. Gambero Rosso is also digital because all its contents are on the web, on mobile phones, tablets and Smart TV. Gambero Rosso has come a long way. The rest of the voyage we’ll do together.

Read the letter of the President of Gambero Rosso SpA, Paolo Cuccia, to investors

Gambero Rosso provides a complete set of media and services to add value to Italy's top food and wine products, now expanding also in other areas of Italian lifestyle, travel and tourism. It operates via four distinct business lines:


Banca Popolare di Vicenza is global coordinator for the Gambero Rosso IPO.


For more information about participating to the Gambero Rosso IPO, write to [email protected] or phone 02 62481577



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