Wine travel food - July/August 2020

Did you know that there's an increasing number of successful Italian restaurants in the French capital? Find out more about this and other stories in our Wine Travel Food.

Guide to summer aromatic herbs inspired by history and legend

Summer is synonymous with fresh dishes, prepared with few ingredients and flavored with the best seasonal herbs. From basil to mint, here are the herbs to add to our dishes. History, cultivation, properties and culinary use.

World breakfasts. Sweden: smörgåsbord, kanelbulle, knäckebröd, filmjölk

It's called smörgåsbord and it's a special meal, typical of Sweden. The buffet-style breakfast offers a variety of sweet and savory specialties. Today we're exploring the typical breakfast dishes and sharing the recipe for kanelbulle, the country's famous cinnamon swirl.

World breakfasts, Spain: pan y tomate, churros, ensaimada

Bread and tomato in the morning is one of the best ways to start the day with gusto. A meal that, together with famous fritters dipped in chocolate and other specialties of the Balearic Islands, characterize the Spanish breakfast. Typical...

Home cooking with milk around the world. Recipes for Palak paneer, Russian milk soup, milk-drenched pork roast and dulce de leche

[caption id="attachment_147380" align="alignnone" width=""]due bottiglie di latte[/caption] As the protagonist of breakfast, it can be enjoyed as is or mixed with coffee. Milk is the basic ingredient for many preparations. Here are 4 recipes from around the world that can...

Bread and tomato, traditional Italian ingredient-salvaging recipes

The first sunny days bring to mind childhood flavors, refreshing dishes enjoyed during the hottest hours of the day. Like panzanella and all its variants, these are recipes based on stale bread and tomato, particular to the Italian table.

Home cooking, creams: chocolate ganache, pastry cream, crème anglaise, whipped cream

[caption id="attachment_146552" align="alignnone" width=""]Cestini di frolla con ganache al cioccolato[/caption] Chocolate ganache, pastry cream (both classic and chocolate-based), crème anglaise and whipped cream, which when added with confectioner’s sugar and vanilla becomes Chantilly cream. Here are the recipes at the...

Home-cooking in Veneto: recipes for Sarde in saor, Risi e bisi and Baccalà alla vicentina

Veneto recipes for a complete menu: Sarde in saor, Risi e bisi and Baccalà alla vicentina. No worries, they’re all easily replicable at home.

Recipes from great chefs. 4 dishes by Marco Ambrosino

“Cucina is a discovery of new things, of forgotten things”. A view of Marco Ambrosino's cuisine through 4 of his tastiest recipes.

Home-cooking in Rome: recipes for Supplì, Carbonara and Oxtail

[caption id="attachment_145195" align="alignnone" width=""] Supplì classico di Trapizzino a Roma. Ph Alberto Blasetti[/caption]   Cucina romana is a cuisine that spells distant stories of men, ancient knowledge and traditions. Here are three representative recipes: Supplì, Spaghetti Carbonara and Oxtail “alla...
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