“Treni storici del gusto”, a gastronomic itinerary via Sicilian railway lines

A journey of memory discovering Sicily, in a train car of the '30s around the most impressive railway lines of the island. The itinerant program of Fondazione FS Italiane and Regione Sicilia is back, which this year is enriched with ...Leggi altro

Ago. 02 2018

Granita, sorbet, cremolata, grattachecca. History and recipes of Italy’s ices

These are the even colder cousins of gelato, "iced" alternatives served in a cone or a cup, perfect to help survive the warm climate of Italian summer: granita, sorbet and the like are the ideal break during the hottest hours. ...Leggi altro

Lug. 05 2018

Sicily calls on Sicilians. Reshaping the image of Sicilian wine

Settesoli turns to indigenous varieties and to young Sicilians who have seen the world, learned languages and aim to reshape the image of their island. Milena Rizzo, 31 years old, is the house enologist.

Set. 21 2017
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