Tinder is one of the most famous and popular dating apps, serving every age group and nationality. One of its versions, the newest, is called Dindr and for the first time directly connects a meeting app with eating out.

The app

Its program can monitor each user’s tastes, and put foodies that enjoy the same kind of eating experience in touch. Originally, Dindr was invented in Austin as an app for restaurant reviews. After ratings, users organized meetings to eat together, a way of being able to sample more dishes, share a table and expenses as well. But from a group dinner to a date for two was an easy step, and so users began employing the app to look for kindred souls, starting with similar tastes in food.

How it works

Dindr’s creators decided to change format and began organizing dates by suggesting three restaurants for each couple who could agree on a time and a type of cuisine. So, if two users have a yen for Chinese food, and both are free at nine p.m., the app suggests three restaurants, helped along by Yelp and Trip Advisor, leaving the couple to chat a bit before deciding whether or not to dine together.

The rules

The rules, though, are clear: users can connect with the app only at noon, three p.m and seven p.m. During these hours, they can scan the various profiles, but have access only to one match at a time. If the two don’t want to get together, the chat cancels itself, and that day the user can’t make other dates. Dindr has been made available for Apple only in certain selected cities in the USA, as of last January 26th.