Five Years of Roadshows

17 Ott 2011, 19:43 | a cura di Gambero Rosso
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And then there were five. Gambero Rosso’s Top Italian Wines Roadshow launches its fifth tour of the world, spotlighting some of Italy’s best wines for an international public.

The program? Completely updated.

After the extraordinary success of the first four standing-room only editions in the prin

cipal European capitals of Berlin, London, Paris, Moscow, Prague, Oslo and Stockholm, among others, this year the show expands to include a series of events in Asia and South America. In many cases, this is a debut appearance for Italian quality wines.


The tour has been revamped to reflect the new realities of the global wine market. Inside Italy, wine consumption has long been stable, while internationally, demand is strong, especially in the great cities of Asia, and in both South and North America. Gambero Rosso, in its role of spokesperson for excellent Italian wines, is concentrating its efforts on these markets.

In a complex economic context, overall exports of Italian wine are extremely encouraging, up 15% in the first six months of 2011, a confirmation of the potential that the new markets offer Italian producers. We are convinced that there’s much more that can be done.


The fifth edition of the Top Italian Wines Roadshow will be the most global ever. Except for Moscow, all the stops on the tour are new: for example, Mumbai, Singapore, Seoul, and even South America with two events, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.


The events feature fifty top-flight major wineries that represent Italy’s wine heritage at its best. They will maintain the sterling image of Italian wine abroad.

Tastings, workshops and seminars guided by the Gambero Rosso team are a regular Roadshow feature. The target ? Traders, opinion leaders, press and representatives of the media. The Roadshows are an important opportunity for cultural exchange, an unmissable chance to forge new commercial bonds, and a crucial test for the cohesiveness of Italy’s national wine scene.


The overall goal is clear: increase the standing of fine Italian wine around the world. We cannot – and must not - simply be content with first place in terms of volume and production. For Gambero Rosso the Roadshow is part of project of internationalization, designed to bring the company further into the front lines in promoting Italy’s excellent labels on the global scene.

And this is only the beginning.


Lorenzo Ruggeri


The next destinations



 Mumbai  October 24



 Singapore October 27



 Seoul  October 31



 Moscow November 29




São Paulo April


Rio de Janeiro April












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